Cleaning services we offer

Property Cleaning

Our services offer comprehensive cleaning for your property be it domestic or commercial, we take care of all requirements with attention to details, hidden areas while using very human friendly cleaning supplies.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is conducted on several stages to provide the maximum value to the client though returning the cleaned areas as new and cleaning the hidden layers of dirt and dust through sophisticated process. 

Floor polishing

Periodically or if you just moved in to a new home or property, polishing the floors brings the beauty and the shine of your floors back to enhance the standard of living and ease the routinely cleaning process on daily basis.

Carpet Cleaning

One of the hardest types of cleaning is carpet cleaning as it requires expertise in dealing with the dirts contained within the carpets otherwise the process will not be useful and will not provide the desired results of carpet cleaning 

Tank Cleaning

Cleaning tanks is a must periodically as it gathers all types of causing health problems however, it requires know-how in order to clean the tanks properly and ensure the purity of the tanks is restored to the standard healthy levels.

Window & signboard

We offer complete commercial cleaning solutions to buildings and offices internally and externally including window cleaning of towers and high rise buildings as well as commercial signages which needs to be cleaned for shine and clarity.

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